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[So many people! The creature eyes this man, regarding him curiously.] ….



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[Eyes the blue-haired…child, very sure it’s not another blue-haired human he knew.] ….Kyuu?

What in the world—?

Well hey there, little guy. What’re you doing all by yourself, hmn?

[Not that he could say it at the moment, but adventuring alone was a common thing- though just how lost he was this time around was another matter. Rather than responding, he wiggled his haunches some, watching the other in silence.]

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-! [Immediately recognizes the style of dress to be the same as the orange female’s, bounding over with the assumption this stranger would be nice too.]






[relaxes with the scratching, leaning into it. He liked how calm she was, which meant he didn’t have an immediate worry.] Kyuuu~

[smiles and laughs, scratching behind his ears] You like that, hm? You’re not lost, are you?

[Shakes his head with her question—a blatant lie, but he could find his way back home, surely.]

Kyu, kyuu! [paws at the jewelry dangling from her wrists, momentarily distracted]

[squeals from how precious he is, and brings her wrists closer to let him play with her bracelets] Aww, aren’t you just darling~

.u. [Plays with the bracelets, hopping up to sit himself on her offered hands to get a better look—he’d stolen a lot of jewelry in his time, but none of it’s ever looked colorful like this.] Kyuu…..


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Krile blinked at the small animal staring up at her. Then she proceeded to let out a squeal that made birds flee from their trees.

“Oh my goodness! Aren’t you the cutest thing?!”

The female was awful loud, causing Wiz to stumble in surprise—compliments were nice, but he wasn’t sure if he was ready for excitement for today. His clumsy attempt to escape ended in failure, so he opted to lie as still as possible, hoping for the best.

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